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Documentations Overview

On this page you can find some documentations about the internals of some games. This list will be added to sporadically.
  1. Javadocs
  2. Animal Crossing City Folk
  3. Pokémon Ranger


Animal Crossing City Folk

Pokémon Ranger

Pokémon Ranger features a lot of unique file formats that are not seen in other games of the DS era. Thus, I had to reverse engineer the formats myself. My original aim and motivation was to reimplement Igglybuff and Unown, two Pokémon that have been cut from the final game. Curiously, their graphics are still in the game's files so I expected adding these Pokémon back to the game would not be too difficult. First, I began documenting the flatbuffer and Pokémon data formats in order to add proper configurations for these two Pokémon. This was followed by research on the game's text and more Browser data files.

Files & formats

Data references

Useful tools